Here’s Why Political Parties Should Stop Being Used

Political Parties cause stereotypes

Political parties started in the late 18th century and have helped create a divide in people based on their views ever since. Even though the parties have changed a lot since then, their change has not made them any better to keep around. People are so different that we shouldn’t be putting blanket statements on large groups of people based on the party they belong too. We already know this bad for progress because we’ve seen it with race and religion as well. But people still do it. If someone says they are a republican, a lot of democrats will think they are anti-lgbt, anti-choice, and only want to benefit rich people. If someone says they are a democrat, a lot of republicans will think they are anti-Christian, don’t care about unborn children, and want to take all the money from the rich and give it to the poor. But it’s not as easy as that. We already know stereotyping is bad so why is it okay for political parties? It’s not.

Political parties tell people how to think instead of letting them think for themselves

Politicians are going to be majorly in favor of political parties because it gets them a lot of votes. We’ve been trained to pick a side and always vote that way, instead of really finding out what a person’s views are. We’ve become lazy, even though we are at a point in history when information is so easily accessible. The other thing people will do is stand by their party instead of really figuring out what their own views are. We go with what the media tells us republicans or democrats think about a certain topic, and we believe in that. Letting the media tell us what to think instead of doing our own research is how we end up with candidates like Hilary Clinton and Donald Trump. And then we have to decide who’s scandal is worse and suddenly we aren’t basing votes on views again.

Political parties cause campaigns to be smears instead of why they should be elected

Have you ever wondered why it seems like politicians are more scandalous than the average American? Because that’s what matters in campaigns. A lot of voters have decided their party long ago and probably won’t change their vote unless something really bad comes out about their candidate. So how does a Democrat get die-hard republicans to switch sides? Something horrible comes out about the person, such as child molestation and suddenly, the other candidate, even though their views don’t really align with yours, is looking like the better choice. Suddenly, people are wondering how we can get new candidates on the ballot.

Political parties make it look like republicans and democrats can’t agree on anything

This is what divides us and slows down progress. With political parties, the extreme republican or Democrat, or the person who’s views match closest with what we are told that party should view on certain topics, is elected. And this causes their to be no agreements on almost all topics. But a lot of people can tell you that their views don’t always align with their parties. So if we were voting based on views instead of parties, candidates would probably agree on a lot more topics and our senators would probably get a lot more done.

If someone asks you if you’re Republican or Democrat, we should be doing this instead

When someone asks you’re political party, ask them “Which political are we talking about? Or which topic are we talking about?” Because your answer could change depending on person or topic. Maybe you voted republican for president but democrat or senate. Or maybe you’re like me and your pro-life but you’re also pro-lgbt. How can you firmly pick one side of your views are split? This is why we need to stop picking sides. Because it’s not black and white. We’re a big mix of gray when it comes to views and labeling yourself can portray your views differently than how you actually think.

Do your views match your claimed party exactly?

Let me know what you think of political parties in the comments! Maybe we can have an adult conversation.

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