Here’s Why Healthcare Should Be Free

Let’s Talk About “Free” Healthcare

When I say free healthcare, I mean it should be taxed from our income and the government should pay for it from taxes. This might sound weird coming from a republican, but don’t worry, I still think the government is crap and should seriously be downsized. But healthcare is one thing the government needs to get a handle on.

So, why should the government be paying for it?

In short, because health insurance is no longer working, and healthcare is ridiculously expensive thanks to insurance companies. Adam Ruins Everything does an awesome segment on this. If everyone is paying their fair share of taxes and the government is paying for healthcare, this will force hospitals and doctors to fix their prices to stop gouging the consumer. The government can decide which hospitals and doctors are “in-network” and this will force prices for healthcare to come down, but allow wealthier people to still choose to go to more expensive healthcare facilities.

With the government footing the bill, this can also force big pharma companies to get a handle on their greed. The government won’t pay the ridiculous prices that they charge and this will cause pharma companies to compete until supply and demand even out and prices come down.

But Taylor, I don’t want you increasing my taxes!

Since health insurance is a mandatory thing, (for now) theoretically everyone should be paying for it. Instead of paying for health insurance, more money would be taken out for taxes. So you wouldn’t be losing money. With everyone being “insured” under the government, this could actually cause it to be cheaper for everyone because the pool of people putting money in is much larger than insurance companies have now.

I don’t want to pay for other people’s medical expenses!

Spoiler alert, you probably already are. If you are paying for insurance at all, then you are helping pay for other people’s expenses. If you’re not sure how, here is a quick picture of how insurance works. Let’s say you and 9 other people are paying for insurance under the same company. All of you pay 300 dollars a month for insurance. Someone in the group has to have surgery that costs $10,000. Well that $10,000 just came out of the pot of money that you have been putting in. You essentially just paid for $1,000 of that surgery.

What if people take advantage of it and my taxes go up?

People already do this with insurance. But one way this can be alleviated is a 5% copay, or a deductible based on your income.

Taylor, this is socialism!

Insurance is a form a socialism, so this wouldn’t change us into a socialist nation. We definitely don’t want that. Socialism is bad kids.

Healthcare through the government CAN work.

And when politicians tell you it can’t, ask them how much money was “donated” to them from any company or person in the health care and pharmaceutical industry. Healthcare is something that companies should not be making ridiculous profits off of at the expense of Americans. We deserve to be healthy.

What are your thoughts? Not that I need to ask, because we all know people love to give their un-solicited opinions anyway, so go ahead and leave yours! Maybe we can have an adult conversation.

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